Why is it SO important to have your business featured on Google maps?

As a millennial who has been surfing the web since 1997, the online tool that I have used more than all others combined is Google maps. I have lived in seven different countries over the last 12 years and the incredible database that Google has created was my ‘go to’ resource while traveling in unknown territories. When tourists come to a new city, such as San Diego or Los Angeles, the first thing that they will use is Google maps. In my opinion, it is the most comprehensive online directory of local businesses. Sure, yelp and other websites, have lots of reviews and information for travelers, however, the G has way more things to do, places to eat, and services across the planet.

When your business is listed on Google Maps, it is much easier to be found on the first page of search results and can save you thousands of dollars in advertising. You see, google wants to keep you in their ecosystem, so their algorithm makes sure that any website who is listed on their Maps will appear on the first page of related searches.

Once your business is registered and authenticated on Google maps, you will be noticed by your neighborhood anytime they use the platform which can’t make you seem like a household name due to familiarity.

For a few years now, Google has been emulating yelp reviews, and referral system to form somewhat of a social media network of their own, because they want to keep traffic within their own network.

According to surveys, over 70% of users hire service providers through Google Maps, and over 80% of diners choose their restaurant according to reviews on the platform. 

Juggle media, can set up your business to appear on Google maps and make sure that you get positive reviews so that your clients can recognize you as a reliable place of business for their needs.

Drop us a call today – let’s get the ball rolling!

Daniel Ehrlich, Juggle Media CEO

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